One Week Workshop On "MACHINE LEARNING FUNDAMENTALS FOR ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS" (25th February 2019 – 02nd March 2019)

One Week Workshop On


(25th  February 2019 – 02nd  March 2019)

Workshop Focus

The importance of machine learning is growing fast as it plays an important role in the development of Intelligent Systems in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is a buzz word in industry. Keeping this fact in view, it is planned to conduct a one week workshop to introduce basics of machine learning to the interested faculty, researchers and students.

The talks in the morning sessions pertain to Linear Algebra, basic probability concepts, types of learning, simple algorithms in supervised and unsupervised learning, neural networks, perceptron etc. The notion of computational intelligence and some exposure to promising research topics will also be given.

The afternoon sessions are fully devoted to imparting hands on experience in using a machine learning tool called WEKA and Python ML library called Scikit-Learn. As there are no prerequisites, students and faculty from any background can participate in the workshop.

Chief patron
Dr. K.P Srinivasa Rao, Chairman, Matrusri Education Society

Dr. G. Kanakadurga, Principal, MVSREC

Prof. J. Prasanna Kumar, CSED, Dr. AKhil Khare HOD CSE

Dr. Sesham Anand, Assoc. Prof, CSED

M. Anupama, Assoc. Prof., CSED

D. Sirisha, Asst. Prof, CSED, B. Venkataramana, Asst. Prof. CSED

Organising Committee
Event Summary Report Committee
Dr. A.V Krishna Prasad (I/C), K Kavitha Laxmi

T. Sujanavan (I/C), Vikram Narayandas

T. Srikanth (I/C), P. Phani Prasad

V. Satish (I/C), K. Srinivas, P. Usha Gayatri

S. Amulya (I/C), M.Dyna

G. Madhu (I/C), MLN Reddy

A Saritha (I/C), K V Srilaxmi, M Madhuri

B Janaiah (I/C), G. Srishailam, B. Ranjith Kumar

Resource Persons for theory
1 External Speaker from Industry
Dr. Akhil Khare, Professor & HOD, CSED, MVSREC
Dr. M. Hanmandlu, Professor, CSED, MVSREC
G. Vijay Kumar, Assoc. Prof., CSED, MVSREC
Dr. B. Sandhya, Assoc. Prof, CSED, MVSREC
D B V Ravi Shankar, Assoc. Prof, Dept of IT, MVSREC
Moiz Ehteshamuddin, Asst. Prof. Dept. Of Science and Humanities, MVSREC

Resource Persons for practicals
Dr. Sesham Anand, Assoc. Prof., CSED MVSREC for WEKA tool
B Venkataramana, Asst. Prof, CSED MVSREC for Python
D. Haritha, Asst. Prof, CSED, MVSREC for Python

Google Form for ML workshop registrations (Due Date 23rd Feb, 2019)


A. Saritha  -  7 3 3 0 9 7 1 9 0 4

 K. V. Srilaxmi  -  9 6 7 6 9 0 8 4 0 6

 M. Madhuri  -  8 6 3 9 8 8 9 9 3 1