First Steps to Become Unstoppable - Webinar - 8th March ,2023

 Session Details:

Date: 8th March ,2023

Time: 6:00 am to 8:00 pm

Number of Attendees: 67

Speakers of the session:

Bhargavi Sunkara is the Head of Corporate Technology, BNY Mellon. She was

also the former Head of Tech, at American Express.

Pavitra Mutyap is the Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax. She is also an Ex

Capgemini employee.

Anuradha Thota is the founder & CEO of Blackbuck Group. She is also an Ex-

Microsoft and Ex-Wipro Employee.

The meeting was emceed by Ms. Manaswini where she welcomed the speakers of

the session Bhargavi Sunkara, Head of Corporate Technology, BNY Mellon,

Pavitra Mutyap, Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax and Anuradha Thota,

Founder & CEO of Blackbuck Group and all the attendees to the event. Then,

Pavitra Mutyap by welcoming the gathering, talked about her engineering entrance

and her journey to IIT Hyderabad. She talked about how getting better at dealing

with regrets got her to where she is today and advised students to also invest their

time in other extra-curricular aspects as it helps in the all-round development of a

person. She also discussed her motivation for choosing UPSE.