Entrepreneurs' Boot Camp - 13.10.2018 (Se1Ep2)


Entrepreneurs' Boot Camp is a series of intensive educational & leadership practical session designed for the youth. EBC brings together many young entrepreneurs on a common platform to innovate and create new ideas through collaboration. It aims to provide participants an overwhelming lifetime experience to develop the necessary entrepreneurial skills to begin their own startup in the future. EBC provides the platform to interact budding entrepreneurs with mentors to guide them on the right path to making a successful journey towards establishing their startup in the near future.

EBC brings together many like-minded entrepreneurs & an incredible opportunity to be exposed to new cultures and perspectives. It is also an opportunity to exchange and share ideas with other participants. EBC creates an environment where people from all backgrounds can create, innovate, collaborate and compete in a friendly atmosphere.

EBC believes that youths are the crucial part of the nation’s economy as well as the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The imaginative and innovative ideas of today’s youths have the potential to change the world for the better. So, EBC provides the best platform for the participants to learn, interact and grow their ideas while developing connections with the participants from various backgrounds.

EBC has already hosted 1 successful Bootcamp and welcomed students from BE CSE 2/4 of more than 200 and M.Tech scholars. The first one was hosted in CSE Seminar Hall on 26th September, 2018 from 02:15pm to 05:45pm. Out of 200 participants 30 risk taking future entrepreneurs were filtered for the next boot camp. 

The second Boot Camp, was hosted on 13th October 2018 from 09:30am to 04:00pm to further train the students towards their goals through rigorous training sessions on various tools required for business implementation in the IT sector. About 42 student participants have attended the program.

The sessions are organized by CSE Dept. EDC Faculty & Student Co-ordinators

Prof. J. Prasanna Kumar, Prof. CSED, TPO, MVSREC
Dr. Akhil Khare, Prof. & Head, CSED, MVSREC
Mr. Vikram Narayandas, Asst. Prof., CSED, Dept. EDC In-charge, MVSREC
Mr. K. Murali Krishna, Asst. Prof., CSED, Dept. EDC Coordinator, MVSREC
Mr. T. Sujanavan, Asst. Prof., CSED, Dept. EDC Boot Camp Coordinator, MVSREC

Surapur SaiTeja (2451-16-733-001), Dept. EDC Student Convenor
R. Nikhil (2451-16-733-006), Dept.Student Co-convenor

Dept. EDC Student Coordinators
Yamini (2451-15-733-306)
N Pranathi (2451-16-733-008)
Tallepalli Bharath (2451-16-733-018)
G.Shiva Prasad Nayak (2451-16-733-032)
J Sanjeevani (2451-16-733-036)
K . Vaishnavi (2451-16-733-041)
Lakkaraju Ruthvika(2451-16-733-048)
M.Abhishek Sagar (2451-16-733-073)
G.Suradhya (2451-16-733-101)
Maqtedar Shreya (2451-16-733-114)
M. Shreya (2451-16-733-121)
K.Srikar (2451-16-733-130)
N.Sri Harshith Rao(2451-16-733-127)